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Skills you will need when shit hits the fan

17 March 2016no comments Advice

Skills you will need when shit hits the fan

Skills you will need when shit hits the fan

Skills you will need when shit hits the fan

When times get tough you won’t have too many things you can depend on except for your survival skills. These are survival skills that will keep you alive without needing anybody else. The most important survival skill is to be a good planner and organizer. Perhaps there is bad weather or some kind of terrorist invasion and you need to leave your neighborhood right away. Where are you going to go? Make sure you have a plan as to where you are going to go or else you will just be driving around aimlessly going nowhere. You can’t give in to your fear or panic in a tough situation either. You need to be able to have a plan and follow through with it once the shit hits the fan.

Another skill that will come in handy is being able to live meagerly. This means getting used to eating food out of cans and drinking water out of bottles. It means adapting to sleeping in the back seat of your car every night and possibly getting used to being alone or isolated for days or even weeks. If you are the type of person that gets lonely fast and needs three square meals per day then you are going to have a tough time when the shit hits the fan. You need to be able to adapt to these bad situations in order to survive.

Water purification is going to be essential in a shitty situation, especially once your current supply of bottled water has run out. You need to know all of the ways to purify water from another source, such as a lake, river or even rain water. By utilizing this skill, you will be able to supply yourself with unlimited amounts of water. Not only that, but you could possibly barter the water you purify with other people in order to obtain food or other necessities. There are so many ways to make this skill work for you.

Lastly, you will need to have a particular set of skills when it comes to self defense. After all, when the shit hits the fan then it has likely hit the fan for someone else as well. They may be willing to do whatever it takes to sustain their survival, even if it means robbing or trying to kill you in order to obtain your items. So you need to be able to fight these people off whenever they try to attack you. You could do this through martial arts or having a handgun and learning how to shoot it properly.

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