How To Survive Blackout?

Snap, the power is out. What do I do now; how do I survive this blackout?

survive blackout

A power outage can be due to thunderstorms, other natural catastrophes like wildfire, or something as serious as a terrorist’s attack. It’s not just an inconvenience; it can cause damages to your property, leading to costly repairs, or can even harm you and your family.

We bring you tips that will help you survive blackout and also facilitate saving costs.

Beware of Power Surges

The electricity supply companies are probably working to restore power during the blackout. However, the outage will make power-grids unstable, which will damage your plugged electronic mobile devices, fridges, air-conditioners, etc.

So, make sure you switch off everything in your house during the blackout. Leave a single bulb on so that you will know when the power is restored and stable.

Use Your Solar Lights Inside

No one likes staying in the dark. Solar lights are a reliable source as compared to flashlights because they provide more light and last longer. Also, there is no risk of your house burning down, as is in the case of candles or open fire.

Just make sure you charge them in bright light during the day.

Watch Out For Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a non-smelling, colorless gas that is poisonous when inhaled. It can be really dangerous if your generator is placed in a closed environment.

So, make sure you keep your generator in the open and replace the Carbon Monoxide detector’s batteries. It will save your life.

You Must Have Weapons

One of the reasons for a blackout might be some terrorist attack on a powerhouse. If the outage is prolonged, the robbers might be willing to steal something. For that, you must keep some licensed firearms at your house for safety reasons.


Some additional tips on how you can survive blackout includes
1. Keep your freezers closed.
2. You can charge your phone with car batteries.
3. Heat your house with a water heater if the blackout is in the winters.
4. Release your garage door. The garage door can usually be maneuvered manually using a rope or a cord.
5. Smartphones run out of battery quickly as compared to classic flip phones. It is better to use a traditional phone during a blackout.
6. Check on your neighbors, especially those who are elderly, just in case they need your help.