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Survival Checklist

13 October 2015no comments Advice, Survival Gear

Survival Checklist

Survival Checklist

Survival Checklist

When you are in a situation where you cannot get help from anyone because you are stranded somewhere, you need to know how to survive. The best way to handle a survival situation is to prepare ahead of time. This means purchasing all of the necessary items that you will need in case a disaster strikes and you need to survive. This could be a hurricane, tornado, terrorist threat or any other tragedy that limits your ability to get help from the officials in your city or town.

The first item to put on your survival checklist is water. There is no way you will be able to survive anywhere without fresh water to drink. Since water doesn’t expire or spoil, you can just purchase gallon jugs of water or packages of bottled water at your local supermarket. Make sure you get the natural spring water and not the kind that has added minerals to it. The next item on your survival checklist should be food. To get more specific, you will need food that comes in cans because you’ll want to be able to store it away for awhile until disaster strikes. Next you will want to think about the tools you will need in a disaster. Some essential tools include a flashlight, solar powered smartphone charger, smartphone, poncho, knife, lighter, matches and a can opener. The smartphone and solar charger is important because it may be your only link to the outside world if you are stranded somewhere. All of the other tools will help you survive in your current environment until help arrives or until you find your way out of wherever you are.

Some additional items to put on your survival checklist are clothes and a first aid kit. If you are living in the north then you will obviously want to have jackets and sweaters stored away for emergencies. That way you will be able to bare the colder temperatures, especially if it is snowing outside. The first aid kit is also important because it has band aids and disinfectant formulas to help treat scrapes and cuts if you get hurt.

Finally, you should probably include a gun on your checklist. If you are in an isolated environment that requires you to survive on your own, then chances are there will be others in that area in the same situation. This could mean they will try to steal your supplies or possibly kill you for your supplies. By having a gun with ammo clips ready, you will be able to fight off dangerous people or animals that you may come across in a survival situation.

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