Bug out bag contents list

A bug out bag is a survival kit that should pack with all the essential items necessary for surviving up to 72-hours on your own. These bags could be used when faced with a natural disaster or when you’re stuck somewhere far away from civilization and modern resources. Some of the contents you place in the bag may be different than what others would put in there.

Bug out bag
Bug out bag

However, there are some common items that everyone should place in their bug out bag, such as food and water. As human beings, we cannot survive without food and water so you would definitely want to have a 3-day supply of this available. Pack non-perishable foods into the bug out bag, preferably bagged rations because they are lighter weight than canned foods. For water, you should plan on drinking 2 liters per day so pack 6 liters of water in plastic bottles. If you think you’ll need more to drink, take some water purification tablets with you to purify any water that you find in the wild.

The next most important thing to pack in a bug out bag is a medical kit. If you end up getting scraped or cut up, you’ll want to be able to treat the wound and prevent an infection. Remember there are no doctors in a survival situation so you’ll have to treat yourself. Next, you’ll want to have maps, batteries, a flashlight, compass, hand-cranked radio, toothpaste, toothbrush, a poncho, a hat, and a Swiss army knife. These items will take care of most of your personal needs and will assist you in finding your way to safety.

Since survival situations can be quite dangerous, you may want to consider placing a handgun into your bug out bag. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in the woods or simply facing the aftermath of a disaster in your neighborhood. You may need a handgun to protect your life or defend your property in the event of a disaster. If your bug out bag is big enough, you could pack a shotgun in there too or at least strap it to the side and then put extra ammo on the inside. But if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like guns, then consider a survival-style knife instead. The Marine Rader Bowie is one knife made in Canada that can cut through almost anything, even something that’s trying to hurt you.