Best Flashlights for Prepper

Best Flashlights for Prepper

Best Flashlights for Prepper
Best Flashlights for Prepper

Lighting is an essential thing to have in a survival situation. Most dangerous situations involve darkness of some kind. It could be a power outage from storm or a car breakdown at night with no street lights around. Without some kind of light source to find your way through the dark, you will either have to stay where you are or take the chance of walking in the dark and likely walk into objects while you are doing it. But when you have a light source available you can navigate faster and easier throughout dark areas without any worries.

The most popular light source is from a flashlight. You can purchase a flashlight at almost any retail store that sells hardware or household goods. If you are purchasing a flashlight for survival then make sure you purchase a lot of extra batteries as well. Most handheld flashlights take CR123, AA, AAA or D batteries, so you will want to stock up on those. Now when you go to choose a flashlight, try to pick one that is energy efficient. There are now LED flashlights that don’t drain battery power as fast as the yellow bulb lights. Not only that, but the light shines brighter as well. This would be very resourceful to have in an emergency situation where your lighting supplies are limited. Now if you want a smaller flashlight then you can find them in all different sizes and store that away as well. However, it is good to have at least one big flashlight that emits enough lumens to see clearly in front of you. If you just have a pocket flashlight that emits a tiny amount of light then it won’t do you much good at nighttime when you need to navigate your way through unknown terrain.

Best Flashlights for Prepper

LED Lantern for your home or outdoor activities

LED Lanterns are compact and you can have several of them in your emergency kit. They are great and don’t need much energy. You will need them in case of blackout or emergency situation.

They are also great for outdoor activities.

EDC Tactical Flashlight

Tactical flashlight is a must have for Evey Day Carry kit. You will need it when you least expect that. That is why you always need to have compact, reliable and powerful flashlight. They are available at different prices from many manufacturers.

Car Flashlight

You need to have at least one flashlight in your car. It will help you in emergency situation, when car breaks down and in many other situations.

Such flashlights usually have car charger (12V DC) included.

Use your mobile phone as flashlight

In addition to regular lighting, you should download a flashlight app onto your Smartphone and keep a solar powered charger around for the phone. That way if you are ever without normal access to electricity you can use the solar powered charger to recharge the battery of your Smartphone by exposing it to the rays of the sun. Then with the flashlight app installed on your phone, you can use that as a source of light because it will utilize the light source built into your phone’s camera by making it shine continuously. These lights usually have LED bulbs as well, so you will have energy efficiency and long lasting power. You might also want to have a few spare batteries stored away just in case one battery goes dead. You can never be too careful when preparing for a survival situation that involves your light source.