How to choose socks?

Many people don’t think too hard about the socks they are going to wear for the day. They just look in their dresser drawer and grab the next pair of socks to wear without thinking twice. But it is important that you choose the right socks, especially when you go shopping for them at the store. The first factor about socks that you have to consider is whether you want cut socks or crew socks. Cut socks are the kind that you don’t roll up past your ankles. The top of the socks touch your ankles and it leaves the rest of your shins completely bare. On the other hand, crew socks are the ones you do roll up past your ankle. They usually cover about half your shin if you roll them all the way up. So which is better? It all depends on your environment. People wear crew socks in cold environments because it helps keep both their feet and legs warm. But if you are in a hot environment then you will want to keep your legs exposed to the open air, which means you need cut socks.

Another factor to consider about socks is the cushioning. There are some socks with extra cushioning on the bottom that add extra protection to your feet. This protection comes in handy if you have sensitive feet that frequently hurt from walking, which is often seen in people with flat feet. So if you have flat feet then you might want socks with this kind of cushioning. They also protect your feet when you walk around the house and step on a small object. These cushion socks are usually a few dollars more than the regular socks, which is a small investment for the amount of comfort it will give you on a day-to-day basis.

Besides your comfort, you have to decide upon the color of your socks. The most popular color choice for socks is white. However, this color shows dirt and stains a lot easier. So you might want to consider a darker color, like black or blue. Of course other people might judge you by the color of your socks. For example, there is a stereotype that people who wear colored socks are gay. It doesn’t even matter what color they are because anything other than black or white will be seen as strange. Now some people may be concerned about getting stereotyped like this while others could care less. What you need to remember is to just choose socks that you think make you look good.