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Preparedness Medicine Supplies

08 July 2016no comments First Aid, Medicine

Preparedness Medicine Supplies

Preparedness Medicine Supplies

Preparedness Medicine Supplies

Medicine supplies could be the one thing that saves your life in a survival situation. You can typically buy first aid medical kits that contain an assortment of all the essential medical supplies that will keep you healthy in a bad situation. However, you can still go out and make your own medical kit that is more appropriate towards your specific needs. But first, gather up all of the supplies that are usually needed in a bad situation. For starters, you will want to store antibacterial soap, adhesive bandages, Ace bandages, antiseptic wipe packets, aspirin packets, CPR masks, non-latex gloves, scalpels, cayenne pepper powder (to minimize bleeding), reusable hot and cold packs, thermometer, flashlight, safety pins, skin stapler, tweezers and scissors. You should also have a vast supply of water on hand, so hopefully you have stored away jugs of water for emergencies.

All of these supplies should help you out in unfortunate situations where you end up cutting yourself or endure aches and pains in your muscles. Obviously, you are not going to be able to perform surgery or something more extensive on yourself or someone else in your party. But these basic medical supplies will keep you healthy for a long time while decreasing your chances of getting an infection in the process. Most people should already know how to use these supplies. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a medical doctor to figure them out. But if you feel like you aren’t confident in using these supplies then purchase a medical kit because they come with an instruction manual that teaches you how to use them.

If you are someone with existing health problems then you may have to add to the list of medical supplies in order to fulfill your own health needs. Perhaps you take a unique type of prescription medication or have some medical routine that you go through everyday to sustain your health. Whatever the case may be, you need to pack the right kind of supplies to support this routine. Now you probably won’t be able to pack away prescription medication, but any over-the-counter alternatives would be sufficed enough. Also, if you want to make your own medical kit then you could just convert a small briefcase into a medical kit. That way you can hold more supplies and are not subjected to the tiny size of the store brand medical kits. Just make sure you can store the briefcase somewhere that is easy to access in an emergency.

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