Containers for preparedness

When you are preparing for disaster it is important that you have durable containers that can safely store away food and other items. Now this does not mean go out and buy rubber Tupperware or Rubbermaid containers. These are better if you are bringing food to work with you for the day, but they aren’t really sufficient enough to store items for long periods of time. You could store inedible items, like your tools or other products you’ll need for survival, but you don’t want to risk damaging the containers in a dangerous situation. For example, if you have to haul around containers full of survival items then you want to make sure those items are packed away securely with a cover that won’t fall out. You’ll also want to make sure the shell of the container cannot get damaged too easily from being thrown around or dropped on the ground, which are likely things that might happen when you are in a hurry. With rubber containers, they could easily get damaged or spill out its contents onto the ground.

What you need are containers made out of metal, particularly tin. This type of metal is lightweight and can easily be sealed so that air doesn’t get into the container. You will often find medical kits and other prepaid survival kits with tin containers. But for those of you who want to develop your own survival kit then start with a tin container. You can purchase them online or in most hardware stores. They come in all shapes and sizes as well. It may be better to purchase multiple tin boxes instead of one big large container because the tools and items in your kit may get mixed around in a big box. It is better to have smaller boxes that are each labeled for a particular type of item. That way you will know where to look when you want a specific item.

As for storing water or other liquids, you obviously won’t want to use tin boxes. You will want to use barrels, large cans, jugs or any other type of cylindrical shaped container. The type of material of the container could be anything durable, such as polyethylene or high grade plastic. These are the best containers for keeping out contaminants or other germs from getting into the liquid. But just in case, have a purifier ready to use on the water if it has been stored for a long time.